domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

Mail Art in Mendoza, Argentina



The members of the college subject, ENGRAVING, invite all the artists in the world to express their ideas against "mining pollution". If you would like to participate, please, send your piece of work before August 31st, 2010 to the address stated below, including your personal information. There is no restriction in techniques, procedures and disciplines. The maximum measures are: 15 cm x 10 cm.

- Contact: Ms Sandra Partucci
- E-mail address:
- Mobile: + 54 9 2622 571366
- Address:

Bo -Aconcagua I - M "B" C "5"
La Consulta
San Carlos
Post Code: 5567

Note: The pieces of work will not be returned and they will be reproduced in a blog. No catalog will be sent.

Water is life
Cyanide is death
What do we prefer?
Life or Death?

The sky is smiling
But our earth is dying
Let's tide our lives
And let's stop mining

Politicians wash their hands
Since they want to get rich
They don't care about us
Since they say YES to mining

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